Welcome to "Deals: The Economic Structure of Business Transactions"

This website is designed to disseminate materials and to facilitate collaboration among law and business school faculty members who teach courses on business transactions or “Deals” from an economics perspective. My hope is that each of us will post materials here that the rest of us can consider downloading for our courses. The materials I have in mind are those that we each have written, but if there are secondary materials that the copyright holder allows us to post, that is fine as well. If you have materials you would like to post, please email them to me.

At this point, most but not all of the posted materials are my own. My plan is to integrate these materials into a book at some point. But even with a book, it will be useful for all of us to write fresh, timely exercises involving actual deals. So my hope is that this website will remain active. I have structured the website along the lines of my course—largely by economic concept, with a chapter at the end about contracting with legal rules in mind. As more people contribute materials, I am happy to have the organization of the website fit the materials of others.

Within each chapter, there are materials consisting of (a) text, (b) exercises, (c) answers and explanations corresponding to the exercises, and (d) slides that correspond to the portions of the materials that I taught last year. At the top of each chapter page, there is a “Teacher's Overview” that walks you through the materials so you can easily decide which, if any, may be of interest. For any of these materials, just click and you will receive a pdf. There is also a link to my syllabus at the top in case you are interested in which materials I used and how I organized them last year.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at klausner@stanford.edu
Michael Klausner
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